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Origami Stars

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Origami stars are exciting to fold. They can be decorative and used for many occasions.

Here is a collection of twelve simple and intermediate-level 2D and 3D origami stars (especially formatted for Kindle and other small devices). Most of these are original designs. This includes 4, 5, 6, and 8 pointed 2D stars, along with a few more challenging 3D models including the Omega Star.

Origami master John Montroll's easy to follow, step-by-step paper folding instructions teaches how to fold these 2D and 3D stars. Each model is folded from a single square, which makes them more amazing and satisfying.

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Origami Stars Models

Four-Pointed Star (1)Four-Pointed Star (2)Four-Pointed Star (3)Five-Pointed Star (1)Five-Pointed Star (2)Six-Pointed StarEight-Pointed Star3D Four-Pointed Star3D Six-Pointed StarOmega StarJackstone

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