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Origami Chess

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John Montroll is pleased to present 'Origami Chess'. His collection of over 20 new models representing chess pieces, chess boards, and tic-tac-toe pieces. Each model is folded from a single square sheet. As a bonus John includes some math theory of origami chess boards. The models range from simple to complex. These fun projects demonstrate interesting concepts in origami.

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Origami Chess Models

SymbolsBasic FoldsOrigami Chess BoardsTic-Tac-ToeSimple XSimple OXOPawnKnightBishopRookQueenKing1 x 1 Chess Board2 x 2 Chess Board3 x 3 Chess Board4 x 4 Chess Board (Fuzzy)4 x 4 Chess Board (Clean)5 x 5 Chess Board (Fuzzy)5 x 5 Chess Board (Clean)6 x 6 Chess Board and Table7 x 7 Chess Board and Table8 x 8 Chess Board and Table

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