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Origami Boxes and Boats

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Origami Boxes and Boats (especially formatted for Kindle and other small devices) shows how to fold 28 original models, diagrammed by origamist John Montroll. The models range in difficulty from simple to intermediate.
Box models: Multibox, Flower Pot, Oblong Box, Sanbow 1, Christmas Box, Little Box, Candy Box, Box with Lid, Gift Box, Candy Dish, Sanbow 2, Jewel Box, Fancy Box, and Chinese Vase.
Boat models: Windsurfer, Yacht, Catamaran, Sailboat 1, Tall Sailboat, Steamboat, Row Boat, Small Boat, Sailboat 2, Paper Boat, Chinese Fishing Boat, and Ocean Liner.

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Origami Boxes and Boats

BasicsMultiboxFlower PotOblong BoxSanbow 1Christmas BoxLittle BoxCandy BoxBox with LidGift BoxCandy DishSanbow 2Jewel BoxFancy BoxChinese VaseWindsurferYachtCatamaranSailboat 1Tall SailboatSteamboatRow BoatSmall BoatSailboat 2Paper BoatChinese Fishing BoatOcean Liner

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