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Origami Birds and Fish

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Origami Birds and Fish (especially formatted for ereaders and other small devices) shows how to fold 24 original models, diagrammed by origamist John Montroll. The models range in difficulty from simple to intermediate.
Bird models: Penguin, Swan, Pigeon, Parakeet, Pajarita, Flying Bird, Wild Duck, Waterfowl, Pelican, Flapping Bird, Crane, and Dove.
Fish models: Big Fish, Carp, Simple Fish, Cute Fish, Tropical Fish, Goldfish, Angelfish, Seahorse, Skate, Perch, Singing Fish, and Sunfish.

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Origami Birds and Fish

BasicsPenguinSwanPigeonParakeetPajaritaFlying BirdWild DuckWaterfowlPelicanFlapping BirdCraneDoveBig FishCarpSimple FishCute FishTropical FishGoldfishAngelfishSeahorseSkatePerchSinging FishSunfish

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