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Here is a collection of traditional origami projects for the new folder with the hope of sparking an interest in this ancient, elegant art. There is a variety of simple models, including a house that turns into a piano, a sailboat, boxes, and the famous crane. By following step by step, you will be able to create several projects, and by the end of this book you will have mastered simple origami.

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eZ Origami Models

SymbolsBasic FoldsDogCatCupHatCicadaSitting FoxTulip and StemPenguinSwanPigeonParakeetHousePianoFox PuppetYachtBoatFishCarpPin WheelPajaritaFortune TellerFukusukeLanternYakko-sanButterflyPigPreliminary FoldSailboatCandy DishCandy BoxFlapping BirdCraneMultiboxWaterbomb BaseWaterbombPagoda

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